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We have mentioned here mostly our services prices, but our services can be customized according to your requirements. Please let us know if you need more information about our services according to your requirements.

Digital marketing packages include content creation for digital marketing, marketing strategic plan and implementation and brand identity management. All packages are offered with minimum one-year contract and after one-year cancellation notice period is 3 months. All digital marketing packages have one time starting charges 17 600 SEK.

​Starnox Basic

8800 SEK/ Month  

  • ​Marketing strategic plan & implementation
  • ​​Content creation
  • ​Brand identity management
  • ​SEO
  • ​SEA
  • ​SMA
  • ​SMO

​88 ​00 SEK/month

​Starnox ​Silver

​​16 500 SEK /month

  • ​Marketing strategic plan & implementation
  • ​​Content creation
  • ​Brand identity management
  • ​SEO
  • ​SEA
  • ​SMA
  • ​SMO

16 500 SEK/month

​Starnox ​Gold

​Most Popular & ​Valued

22 000 SEK/month


SEO Package:

​1100 SEK/month

We even help with only SEO services if you want to rely on us for SEO. SEO is always included if you have bought any digital marketing package.

Marketing strategic plan

​Marketing strategic plan

26 400 SEK

​You can also rely on us for to get marketing strategic plan. We recommend even to buy brand identity management plan together with marketing strategic plan in order to get the best optimal results. We do not offer brand identity management program if you are not a customer of marketing strategic plan with us.

Brand identity management

Brand identity management

​1100 SEK / hour

​Content Creation:

​Logo Design

​Print material/per page 

​Digital content per object

Video Creation/per minute

​Writing marketing material per page

​599 SEK

​569 SEK

​169 SEK

169 SEK

​799 SEK

Affiliates marketing:

​Affiliates marketing:

​8 800 SEK/month

​​Influensers marketing:

​Influencers marketing prices differ depending on the influencer and how long you want to collaborate with influencers. Please take a contact with our team to get more information regard to your needs.


​Starnox is a content creation and digital marketing company. We help our customers to succeed on social media by digital marketing and offer content creation & strategic planning services to build their brand.      

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