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​Brand identity management

​Our brand identity management is ongoing consultancy for to give you feedback and improvement recommendations. We do evaluation on your marketing and branding and how you are executing your marketing strategic plan.

This consultancy offers only to our customers which have trusted us for their marketing strategic plan and brand development. If you have trusted us for marketing implementation as well then you do not need to buy this as this is included in the whole package. But if you get only marketing and branding strategic plan then this is absolutely important to get the right results.

​We hold your hand in the whole journey and do ongoing evaluation and analysis for to get best optimal results. With ongoing analysis, we come with improvement recommendations and update you all the time with strategic plan. Market changes all the time and we always are quipped with right marketing information and with our support through your whole journey helps you create best optimal results for your business.

You can choose how many hours of consultancy you want to get feedback and improvement recommendations every month or per week. It depends on your business and on your budget. It is difficult to give some clear recommendations about how many hours you should get brand identity management consultancy, but we do recommend at least two hours per month and it may need more on a weekly basis depending on your business, size and market.

It is much more complicated than you think and wrong colours, shapes, styles, message which do not represent your brand or do not get viewers attentation did not create any results and even damage your brand.

It requires artistic and strategic thinking to choose right message, style, colours and shapes for to create better attentation for your contents. There are small small details which do big difference in your end results. To choose right contents, pictures, message, stories and which information should be shared with public and on which time periods contents should be published. 

How to be stick with your brand values and with which other brands you should associate to position yourself to the right target group. We are equipped with specialist competence and hold your hand in the whole journey to move forward with your strategy to create results for your business and to achieve your goals with marketing and with brand development.


​Starnox is a content creation and digital marketing company. We help our customers to succeed on social media by digital marketing and offer content creation & strategic planning services to build their brand.      

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